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Required eMarketing Specialist

Location: Dubai
Posted: 03 August, 2017

Job Descriptoin

Al Aabdi Holding, one of the leading Company in UAE is looking for an enthusiastic eMarketing Specialist to help us in our overall marketing efforts. You will be an integral part of the development and execution of marketing plans to reach targets from brand awareness to product promotion.
A Marketing specialist should be a competent professional able to grasp consumer behavior trends and generate creative ideas. You should also be well-versed in specialized marketing concepts, principles, and tactics.
The goal is to deliver effective marketing programs that will help our reputation and growth.
Job Summary
An e-marketing specialist creates and maintains marketing campaigns intended to reach an online demographic. An e-marketing specialist may take full responsibility for a campaign, from concept design and scheduling to ongoing implementation and performance tracking, or only a specific task related to the marketing initiative, such as scheduling social media posts or designing mass communication copy. In either case, an e-marketing specialist plays an integral role in the success of an organization’s online marketing efforts.
In addition to creating and sustaining online marketing campaigns, an e-marketing specialist may develop and share metrics to track total campaign reach. Specific software or Web-based platforms, such as Google AdWords or tracking URLs, is typically required to produce and analyze meaningful data. As such, an e-marketing specialist must be able to learn and understand performance metric systems quickly and accurately. In addition to tracking marketing campaign analytics, an e-marketing specialist often share a campaign’s results, its total customer reach and the data behind the campaign with various departments.
One of the greatest challenges for a company that maintains an online presence is establishing and sharing the unique value it adds to the marketplace. To reach this end, an e-marketing specialist creates compelling copy and industry-specific content that can be shared easily and quickly through various platforms. Content needs include blog posts, white papers, response emails and website copy. This information is distributed through an organization’s social media sites, online magazine or news publications, and mass email communications to prospective and current customers.
An e-marketing specialist also creates online advertisements, including banner ads and search engine optimization (SEO) that target a specific audience. Each advertisement that an e-marketing specialist creates must convey the company’s message in a clear and concise manner, and it must provide a call to action for the customer. Tracking an online advertisement’s lead generation, click-through and conversion rates is a related job duty.