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DM Approved Unlimited License-Civil Engineer

Location: Dubai
Posted: 25 March, 2020


Civil Engineer:

1. With DM unlimited License.
2. With Society of Engineer Card
3. Should be available in UAE
4. Willing to join immediately

• undertaking technical and feasibility studies including site investigations
• using a range of computer software for developing detailed designs
• undertaking complex calculations
• liaising with clients and a variety of professionals including architects and subcontractors
• compiling job specs and supervising tendering procedures
• resolving design and development problems
• managing budgets and project resources
• scheduling material and equipment purchases and deliveries
• making sure the project complies with legal requirements, especially health and safety
• assessing the sustainability and environmental impact of projects
• Ensuring projects run smoothly and structures are completed within budget and on time.

• sound mathematical, scientific and IT skills
• the ability to think methodically and to manage projects
• problem-solving skills
• ability to work to deadlines and within budgets
• ability to maintain an overview of entire projects while continuing to attend to detailed technicalities
• excellent verbal and written communication skills
• negotiating, supervisory and leadership skills
• Complete knowledge of relevant legislation.

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DM unlimited License and Society of Engineer Card

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