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Great Opportunities to learn Peachtree, Quickbooks and tally

Location: Dubai
Posted: 31 May, 2017
aCourses in Tally,Peachtree and Quickbooks by a Senior Accountant
Well-class training training in tally, peachtree and quickbooks with documentations. call at 0525936752
Maintain charts of account, for legal,trading companies,mobile companies,Construction companies etc
Journal entries ,payment,receipt, adjusting entries, closing entries,contra entries, reversing entries, non-cash based entries for all kind of companies.
Depreciation under straight line method and diminishing balance methods etc
Payroll under WPS and other methods.
Inventory maintenance with LIFO, FIFO and average methods using periodic and perpetual techniques.
Inventory adjustments and godowns etc.
Balance sheet,Income statement and cash flows statements preparations.
Bank reconciliation statement.
Receivable aging preparations.
Allowance methods and direct methods. Purchase order and debit and credit note and discounts entries.
Retained earning statement and statement of changes in equity.
Ration analysis. Common size financial statement and horizontal and vertical analysis of financial statements.

How to Apply?

Please send an email to [email protected]