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Location: Dubai
Posted: 10 July, 2019


We are looking for a systematic professional with 10+ year’s hands-on experience as a GYPSUM INSTALLER.
 Trims rough edges from wallboard to maintain even joints, using knife.
 Fits and fastens wallboard or sheetrock into specified position, using hand tools, portable power tools, or adhesive.
 Measures and marks cutting lines on framing, drywall, and trim, using tape measure, straightedge or square, and marking devices.
 Installs blanket insulation between studs and tacks plastic moisture barrier over insulation.
 Removes plaster, drywall, or paneling, using crowbar and hammer.
 Assembles and installs metal framing and decorative trim for windows, doorways, and vents.
 Reads blueprints and other specifications to determine method of installation, work procedures, and material and tool requirements.
 Lays out reference lines and points, computes position of framing and furring channels, and marks position, using chalk line.
 Suspends angle iron grid and channel iron from ceiling, using wire.
 Installs horizontal and vertical metal or wooden studs for attachment of wallboard on interior walls, using hand tools.
 Cuts metal or wood framing, angle and channel iron, and trim to size, using cutting tools.

Minimum high school certificate.
Special requirements:
Communication and Customer Service
Able to follow schedules and meet deadlines
Capable of working independently
Good physical health

How to Apply?

Please send an email to [email protected]