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Steel Fixer

Location: Dubai
Posted: 22 May, 2019


– Steel Fixers determine size, shape, quantity and location of concrete reinforcing metal according to drawings or verbal instructions.
– Measure, cut, bend and fit welded wire mesh into concrete areas to be mesh-reinforced.

A steel fixer may perform the following tasks:
• Read and interpret working plans and steel lists for the job
• Set out the work from these instructions
• Make steel bars or mesh the required length by cutting them with bolt cutters, guillotines and power saws
• Assemble the reinforcing bars or mesh by welding, wiring or clipping into predetermined locations within the concrete
• Fabricate steel reinforcement as beams, footing pads or special units
• Join the prefabricated units together for large sections of high rise or civil projects, and position the reinforcement ready for concrete pours.

The following important qualities are required:
• Physically fit
• Enjoy practical work
• Able to work at heights
• Able to work as part of a team

How to Apply?

Please send an email to [email protected]